Breeders Meetings - New Policy - June 2017

- (Added 29. Jun. 2017)

The I.H.S. and the FBH have made a decision that from 2018 we will not allow Spider Royal Pythons, Jaguar Carpet Pythons and Enigma Leopard Geckos to be offered for sale or collection at any I.H.S. or FBH event that may take place.

We have looked at depth into the concerns that have been brought to our attention concerning the genetic issues of these animals. That in turn has brought us to this decision. We will allow them to be passed on at the remaining events this year (2017), but ONLY if they are deemed suitable by the vets on the day of each event.

Any animal deemed unsuitable for sale MUST be taken to the crèche and remain there until the end of the event.

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