The Tell Hicks Diaries.

- (Added 9. Nov. 2018)

The Tell Hicks Diaries.        Friday 10th November.

And yet again, a let down!!

Having had the operation postponed for the second time last Wednesday, everyone was expectant, that it would be all steam ahead for the operation today!!

Re-scheduled for next Wednesday 14th November.


New Breeders Meeting Date

- (Added 7. Nov. 2018)

 I.H.S. Show statement

Quite a few I.H.S. members have been telling us that they feel it’s a long time from the last show in November until the show in June the following year.

Our newest member of the committee (the one from North of the border) asked as many of the exhibitors at the weekend as he could, if they wanted another show earlier than June.

The people with whom he spoke with all thought it was a good idea, so we will be running a 4th show, which will take place on the 7th April 2019 at Doncaster race course. The proceeds from the November, and the new April shows after running costs, will be distributed between reptile related charities/causes, if any I.H.S. member has any suggestions on where the proceeds of these two shows should go next year, please let us know and we will throw the names into the pot to be considered.

Booking forms & rules will be available from January 1st for all the shows for paid up members.

I.H.S. committee 

Tell Hicks - Doncaster

- (Added 29. Oct. 2018)

                                                                              Tell Hicks

Breeders Meeting – 4th November – Doncaster.

A Heartfelt THANK YOU.

To all of our members and non - members who attended the show yesterday and donated to the collection for Tell - thank you!!!

We raised just short of £900 which is a fantastic effort by all.

The IHS will round that amount up to £1000, which is in addition to the monies we have already donated to the 'gofundme' online collection.

Our thanks also go to Jenny Arnold - a REAL STAR. 

She walked the aisles of the venue tirelessly ALL DAY rattling her bucket!! 

An update on Tell is that the operation which should have taken place on Friday last, was postponed due to the lack of an ICU bed.

The operation is now rescheduled for this coming Wednesday and we have everything crossed and are holding our breath!!




Tell is FAMILY!!

The Tell Diaries

- (Added 24. Oct. 2018)

 The Tell Hicks Diaries.

Yesterday (Tuesday 23rd October 2018), Mark O’Shea, Mark Plimmer and myself, went to visit Tell in hospital.

It was a very positive day. Obviously on the drive down to Somerset, we discussed Tells condition, the nature of the accident and the long term implications of his current situation.

We continued the drive talking of just about everything except Tell – anticipation of seeing him I guess.

After a seemingly endless trek from the hospital car park through numerous buildings and corridors we eventually arrived at Tells’ room!

He was lying with the bed facing the window and seemed in a light sleep. He was very happy to see us, as we were to see him.

He was very upbeat, very positive and cracking the odd joke. Telling us of some of the more amusing bits of the various things being done to him.

We talked of his future plans (which are many) and discovered, that there will be a meeting of the surgeons, this coming Friday, to discuss the possibility of surgery possibly within the next couple of weeks to discuss (as Tell put it) re-attaching his head!!

To say the three of us were happy on the return journey would be an understatement!!

Tell has a very strong constitution and is determined to get back to painting as soon as he possibly can.

Great news from a great day.

More uplifting news

- (Added 8. Oct. 2018)

 My spirit was lifted again today!!


At about midday, whilst out with my dog I had a call from Eileen, Tell's wife.

On seeing her name on my screen, I feared the worst, but my fears were very soon put aside. 'I'm putting you on speaker phone' - says Eileen, 'so you can talk to Tell'. It really made my day. Tell sounded his usual self and we had a laugh. I told him to begin dictating his presentation for next years’ 50th Anniversary event.

He is obviously concerned about his condition but I feel he is taking strength from all the love and positivity which is surrounding him and his family.
I am now looking forward to seeing him, once he is moved to the Hospital in Salisbury.

Keep fighting mate!!

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