Free entry to National Breeders Meetings.

- (Added 7. Aug. 2018)

 IHS Branch Members – free entry to National Breeders Meetings.

With effect from the November 2018 meeting, any FULL society member, who REGULARLY attends any specific branch of the IHS, and who wishes FREE ENTRY to any future National Breeders Meeting, should attend their branch at the monthly meeting IMMEDIATELY prior to the show they wish to visit (i.e. – if they wish to attend the November show, they must attend the October branch meeting). At that meeting they will be issued with a form of entry by the branch organiser, for entry to the show.

Please note, that this does NOT mean that they will not have to queue. 

IHS - New Branches

- (Added 7. Aug. 2018)

 New IHS Branches.

The central committee of the IHS is pleased to announce, that with immediate effect, we are prepared to fund the costs to the branch (within reason!) for their first three speakers. We would like to think that this will assist  in the new branch being able to get on its feet  financially. We would require copies of receipts for payments made to the speakers or else, if preferred, the speaker could send his ‘invoice’ to Richard Brook, directly, for payment.

An Apology

- (Added 7. Aug. 2018)

 An Apology.

My editorial in the August Newsletter, sparked off a bit of a storm on social media. My writing, was intended with the best of possible intentions, to make people think about the state of the hobby today – namely lack of local IHS branches.

Quite obviously many people interpreted what I had said wrongly – perhaps I should have worded it differently and for that I apologise.

Scottish Branch Suspension

- (Added 1. Aug. 2018)

We would just like to make our members 'North of the border' aware that currently the Scottish Branch no longer exists!

We have suspended the branch due to much controversy as to how the branch was being run.

Currently, there are plans afoot to re install the branch 'Under New Management'.

Once everything is in place, we will post on here and on our facebook page, the details of the re-hashed branch, along with venue and organisers details. - Watch this space!!

Amersham Meeting

- (Added 26. Jun. 2018)


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