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Tropical Factory UK

Location: Northampton

Top quality enclosures: Glass, PVC, Polycarbonate.
All you need for your pets.
We do custom builds: Desert & Bioactive

The only limit is your imagination

Boiga flavescens

Price: £150 each

Location: Devon
Age: CB20
Sex: 0.0.6
Mark Witherall at blackdarter1@hotmail.com or 07786564196

Experienced keepers only please. Currently easy assist feeding.

Bismarck Ringed Pythons (Bothrochilus boa)

Price: £150 each

Location: Dunoon
Age: CB20
Contact: Carey Scott at mccalhth@aol.com or 07872512864

All had multi feeds on defrosted pinkies/fuzzys

Burmese Pythons

Price: £90-£300

Location: Waterlooville
Age: 9 Weeks
Contact: Daniel Mead at dnh_royals@hotmail.com or 07565540332

Burmese Pythons CB20:

Wildtype 100% het Albino poss het Green poss het Granite – £90

Hypo 100% het Albino poss het Green poss het Granite – £150

Albino poss het Green poss het Granite – £120

Pearl (Albino x Hypo) poss het Green poss het Granite – £190

Ivory (black/blue eyed) 100% het Albino poss het Green poss het Granite – £260

Ivory Albino (red eyed) poss het Green poss het Granite – £300

All our hatchlings are shedding and pooping fine, feeding on thawed frozen rat fluffs some with chick tuff.
They have all been well looked after from birth, regularly fed and cleaned and also we have handled all our snakes as much as possible so it gets them used to human contact.
All snakes come complete with a full feeding and shedding information

Paroedura Vazimaba

Price: £75

Location: Oldham
Age: 5 Years Old
Contact: Alexia Fish at lexfish@hotmail.co.uk or 07521805746

CB male Paroedura vazimaba “Basil” for sale to right home only. Thought to be CB 2015/2016. Originally purchased from Global Geckos.

Good temperament, only selling as I struggled to breed this species and I only have him left now and they aren’t much of a display species. It’s quite difficult to find captive bred vazimbas and if anyone out there is hoping to breed them, I would prioritise them as a buyer, simply to reduce the trade in wild caught animals from Madagascar. Buyers with micro-gecko experience preferred as these can be a sensitive species.

Note: Pictures of potential set-up will be asked for. He is currently kept in a bioactive tank, but this isn’t essential.

Panther Chameleons

Price: Male £180, Female £75

Location: Dudley
Age: 5 Months
Contact: Daniel Ormston at danormston97@gmail.com or 07503799902

Few of CB19 clutch still need new homes. All are eating and doing well. 1 male and 4 females available. More pictures of babies and parents are available on request.

Digital Thermostats


Location: Co.Durham

Digital On/Off Thermostat – £25.99
Digital Dimmer Thermostat – £28.95
Digital Dimmer Day/Night Thermostat – £44.95

Prices includes VAT and delivery. Order via website link below


Price: £10-£35

Location: Durham
Contact: Niki Watkis at niki_watkis@sky.com

Baby and juvenile available.
All home reared from exceptional parents. Each baby has been reared on a diet of brine shrimp, blood worms, black worms and earth worms.
The age varies from three to five months.
Wild types, Black Melanoid, Copper, Albino Melanoid currently available.

Please note: You will need a cycled aquarium for these, we will provide any information to assist you.

Collection or courier only

Adult Male Crested Gecko

Price: £75

Location: Shipley, West Yorkshire
Age/Sex: Proven breeding male of around 6-7 years old (exact hatch date unknown).
Contact: Paul Dean on freddythecrestedgecko@gmail.com 
or 07722366565

Current weight is approx 40g as of June. Selling due to his beautiful yellow colouration no longer in my breeding plans.
He wouldn’t make a great pet as he can be a bit temperamental but he is an active breeder. Collection or courier at buyers expense only. Deposit required to reserve.

Rubs For Sale

Price: From 50p

Location: Barnsley
Contact: Peter Middleton on peter-middleton@hotmail.co.uk or 07843628362

Orders can be collected from S63 9HB (Barnsley) or from any of the Doncaster shows. Delivery is available for cost of fuel or buyer can arrange a courier at their cost.

Male Western Hognose

Price: £375

Location: North Devon – EX39
Age: CB20
Sex: Male
Contact: Emily Reed on emmydolphin@hotmail.com or 07728896384

Insect Frames, Taxidermy & Pet Memorial

Deadset Company

Location: Online / Castleford

Creator of handmade displays and jewellery, made using real insects, arachnids, skulls and bones. Ethical and cruelty free taxidermy. Insect and arachnid pet memorial services available. Commissioned work available.

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