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cites update jan 2020

CITES Update

We received the following update from DEFRA today. Should anyone require clarification or have questions PLEASE CALL DEFRA directly. The Society does not have any information to enable us to answer any queries.

CITES update from Defra

Dear all,

We have received a number of queries on how movements of CITES species will be affected once we leave the EU on 31 January.

The Withdrawal Agreement (WA) will come in to force on exit day. Under the WA there will be an implementation period (IP) until the end of 2020. EU legislation implementing CITES will continue to apply in the UK during the IP.

We expect that guidance on CITES arrangements after the implementation period will be published on GOV.UK.


Emma Bailey-Beech, Policy Advisor, International EU Exit Team

International Biodiversity & Environment
Wildlife, International, Climate and Forestry Policy Wildlife, International, Climate and Forestry (WICAF) Directorate
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

International Herpetological Society