2021 IHS Show Update

We have just been informed that the race course can not host us for the April show this year. It is for a number of reasons on there part, so for that reason all bookings for this April’s show will be transferred to April 3rd 2022. (To be fair, think we all new this could be the out come for the April show).
With regards to the June show this year it appears that we will only be allowed 1000 people as it falls on the 20th. After the 21st we could have things back to normal with regards numbers (if everyone plays ball as does as they are asked and we don’t go into lockdown again).
We have managed to transfer the June show to a week later on the 27th June. All been well we will be ok for numbers, we know this will not please a few people but we hope it will be better for the majority and this is all we can do.
We will be sending letters out to all exhibitors in the next few days explaining what we are doing. We will do our best to answer any questions on social media but if anyone needs to know anything regards bookings etc then we will not deal with it on social media. Kindly ask people to either email myself at Richard.brook@ihs-web.org.uk or ring me at any time on 01274 548342
Lets hope that this is the beginning of the end and by September we will be back to some sort of normality.
Richard Brook

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