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April Show Cancelled

April Show 2024 – Cancelled

Unfortunately we have to inform that the April show has being cancelled.

We have been informed by the venue that this is due to an access requirement issue that they hoped would have been resolved by now.

An issue we were not told of when booking and had no knowledge of until the phone call informing us of the cancellation. This issue means they cannot legally hold the show whatever.

See below confirmation from the venue that the April show was not cancelled due to APA involvement.

We are unsure why/how APA say they knew around a week before we were told, however this is being investigated by a third party and a FOI request put into the council, which we await the result.

We are very disappointed and empathise with everyone’s disappointment that this event can no longer go ahead.

The June & September shows at Magna will continue as planned.

The venue has cancelled ALL non-horse related events for the rest of the year, not just ours but this is still very disappointing, especially to be told so late.

All bookings will be transferred to April 2025 or the first show of 2025 as per the rules agreed when booking.

International Herpetological Society